How I Got Over $800 in FREE Baby Products in a Year

How I Got Over $800 in FREE Baby Products in a Year

In January 2022, I realized that I was never taking advantage of my Optimum point card, even if we do most of our groceries in Superstores and Shoppers. I used to collect the points back when the Optimum point card wasn't a thing and you would just collect stamps. 
So I uploaded the App on my phone and I cannot say this enough: Game Changer! You would be amazed by the amount you can spend at Shoppers when you have a newborn at home — and the more you spend the more you accumulate.

At $60 a pack of formula and all the diapers necessary in a month, you better take advantage of those deals!

Here is how to use your Optimum card to its full potential.

1- Keep the app on your main screen for easy access
If you have a look at it daily, you might find some interesting deals that are worth a little trip to town. Exclusive offers come and go, so a deal appearing today might only be good for this day. The best ones would be 20x the points when spending a certain amount or getting extra points when spending a certain amount of points (ex: claim 200,000 points and get 300,000 points).

2- Plan strategically
Going to run out of toothpaste soon? Need some boxes of wipes? Don't go to the store just yet. Put it on a grocery list and wait to buy on days when you have good deals, such as the ''20x the points'' one. 

Ex: the other day, I bought for $134.32 during a 20x points deal. I got 100 extra points for every $1 spent on PC Organic Baby Food plus 20x 1,755 points. 
So I spent $134.32 and got approximately $35 back in points. (And that was just a couple of boxes of diapers and baby puree, which was necessary and I was going to buy anyway).

3- Have multiple Optimum points cards on your account
Both mom and dad can buy diapers, right? Make sure that whoever goes to the store can use the point system. There is a place in the app where you can set that up.
Account > Household > Get started

4- Check all of the offers on the dashboard when you first sign in
The app allows you to accumulate extra points for free by checking off some items to do such as signing up for PC health when you first sign in. It is an easy way to accumulate $30 to $50 in points.

5- Apply for a PC Credit card
You can accumulate a lot without having the Optimum point credit card, but it does help to have one. You get extra points just by applying for it. I would recommend using it just when you know you can accumulate more and pay it right away.

I know it sounds a bit extreme, but seriously... it is so exciting to accumulate all of that free money that you will quickly get into the habit of checking your app every day. Nothing like ringing groceries or buying a little something from Joe Fresh for free. 

Good luck and have fun shopping!


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