Toddler Advent Calendar the Entire Family will Enjoy

Toddler Advent Calendar the Entire Family will Enjoy

You don't need to break the bank to have fun this Holiday season. I put together a toddler advent calendar the entire family will enjoy this year and I absolutely wanted to share it with all my mamas!

I started by brainstorming a few ideas and after going to the store to see what I could find for crafts, I discovered that most things I was looking for were available at Dollarama, already packed with all the supplies you need in one package! 

Note that you can change some days to do something that suits your schedule better, or do a different craft than what is proposed. The goal here is to keep your little one entertained until Christmas and make it fun for the entire family.

Total (the pizza being the most expensive day) was around $100 for everything. If you get creative enough and use what you already have at home, you can make most activities at no cost!

Advent Calendar


I planned mine around the days of the week (the 1st being a Friday), I put most of the crafts during weekends so we are not overwhelmed after work. ALSO, because Jackson is only two and doesn't realize yet that these are gifts, I didn't wrap anything, but if you have older kids, I would definitely keep it a surprise. For things that don't fit the calendar, maybe just wrap a little card and place all the activity supplies in a bin. 

For the gift of choice, you get something you know your little one will love. For me, it was a Tonka truck, scented play-dough and holiday finger puppets. 

Here are some gift ideas if you are unsure what to use:

Have fun! 

My Advent Calendar
My Advent Calendar
My Advent Calendar
My Advent Calendar

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